Hello everyone, I'm Tim Moss and this is the Moss report!! It's been a busy time at the EIWF control center here in Atlanta with lots of news, gossip and rumors. I can confirm that Suzi Spitz had decided to leave the EIWF. I feel this is a real shame as she brought something new and different to the EIWF. Her time was short but the impact was big. I guess the most disappointing thing is you wonder what could have been. We wish her all the best for her future and the door is always open here in the EIWF, and I'm pretty sure Big Poppa is gonna miss her. I get asked a lot of questions regarding Revolution, and when he's going to return. No one knows the real answer but I believe the EIWF has the following pay per views line up, Unholy Alliance, Life Support and Final Conflict. Then wrapped around these will be episodes of Power Hour and Evolution. I have heard that Davie will remain in charge of the next three pay per views, it will then be looked at if Revolution is in a position to take over once again. Two other members I get asked about is Suicide and Ellis Black, yes they are both still under contract. Suicide has a light schedule and is not required to be at every show....as per his contract. But management would like him to make more appearances but money seems to be a sticking point.

As for Ellis Black, well there is more to this. I can confirm that the rumors you have heard are true. Ellis informed management, that's Davie J, Revolution, the Prez and any share holders that he was not happy with the current direction of the company and the role he was being use din. He said he had lost his smile. In his open letter to management which was sent via his attorney he was very critical of Davie J and what he felt was character damage which in turn would lead to a loss of current and future earnings. This one fans could get nasty. But Ellis is still under contract and is still the Genesis champion, a point that Davie J made in his defense that Ellis had remained Genesis champion under his time on charge and Davie also meant this was a show of faith in the ability of Ellis. Others have said Davie kept the belt on Ellis simply so he could turn round and say that.  This of course all goes back to the challenge between the two and stipulations wanted.

There have been rumors circulating regarding the Unholy Alliance pay per view. Evolution 'Night of Champions' saw Davie J offer to team up with Suicide to take on Hollywood Hogan and a partner of his choosing. There are two big questions here. The first is will Suicide turn up, as mentioned he only has to work so many dates and there are fears of putting him in a top spot in case he doesn't show. The other big question is, who will Hollywood Hogan have as his partner. There have been a few rumors with the mot popular one being Ellis Black! This would of course set up a nice feud with Davie and with there history would be a political masterstroke from Hogan. Other names mentioned have been L double E as there are rumors he will be moved up to main event status. There have also been more names mentioned which seem unlikely such as Regal, Badd Dogg and Ric Flair!

Lets take a look at the wrestler rankings. Regal reclaims the top spot from Johnny Blitz who moves down to number three. Davie J moves up to number three and Suzie had dropped out completely. To check out the full list click here. The TV Ratings, well depending who you ask you can put a spin on it. The number of members has increased by 10%. But the total views dropped 35%. So you can take the positive of the negative and use it to your advantage with that. The Poll asked what people thought of the Gang Warfare PPV. It was universally praised with 100% of votes saying the show was Excellent. That's great to hear and if you haven't already, check out the PPV here.

The Evolution show continues to tour across the globe and was recently in Scotland and will continue across Europe as we bring our amazing product to our fans around the world. Now I have been asked by some fans about the CREW website. If you recall we had a CREW section on the website which was removed. I was asked if it would be returning, I had not heard anything about it coming back and was surprised at the question. It was then I was told It's twenty years since the group formed. Then it dawned on me, this main event at Unholy Alliance........could it be a trap? A swerve? There have been whispers about it from the boys. There is doubt, but Davie continues to claim his innocence. Who knows? But back to the website question, if there is demand for it, then it would happen. Tell you what, lets have that as the next poll, should the CREW section return to the website?

That's all for this edition of the Moss Report, we are out of time at the control center...the tapes are rolling.....until next time...thanks for watching.



previous Moss report Aug 2019

Hello everyone, I'm Tim Moss and this is the Moss report. There is plenty to talk about and lots of news coming out of the EIWF control center so let's get to the biggest news that has shook the EIWF recently and that is the injury to Revolution. He was acting as a special enforcer for the main event at the Gang Warfare, to keep the match fair and to the rules. Then.....then Jeff Jarrett came out and he  had no right to be there as he was not in the main event....he callously smashed his guitar over the head of Revolution when his back was turned. This gave the CREW an advantage in the match of having an extra man. They would go on and win the match but after the win they attacked Revolution again, unable to defend himself, two steel chair shots were delivered by Hogan before Davie J come and saved his friend. There are bigger consequences that just the injury to Revolution though. It means the man who head been running the company, successfully may I add is no out of the picture. Finally eight months into his reign, we had stability and a new direction. For the second period running we saw a ratings increase.....but...….but now we have once again an uncertain future. Davie J has stepped into the role and will run the company while Revolution recovers, but who knows how long that could take. Davie has promised to continue along the same plan and vision of Revolution, but he is his own man and look what he has done with the Genesis title, you cant tell me that's not personal!!! Fans I need to apologize, I can feel myself getting hot here, animated. But it makes me so angry. Hogan again has put the future of this company in jeopardy! 

The latest on the condition of Revolution is that he's stable. He had been on strong pain relief and the Doctors were discussing if he would need any bones fused together in his spine. Yes it's that serious. It was known by the boys backstage that Revolution was in constant pain, but he hid it from the fans. The rush he got from coming out in front of the fans was all the motivation he needed to keep going. Also he was fully aware if he had anymore surgery on his neck he wouldn't be able to wrestle again. He has been told before not to, but he was holding out for that one last match. One more shot at the big time. But it appears that distant dream is so far away it will never happen. The Doctors are talking about operating just to ensure he can walk until his later years. We wish him a speedy recovery and return. Revolution told me you can keep up with his progress when he feels better on social media via his twitter account @EIWFRevolution

The Gang Warfare PPV has proven to be a huge success. As mentioned the ratings are up, which I will go into shortly but even the critics loved it. It currently has a 100% excellent rating on the current poll. The previous poll asked about the addition of the Power Hour show which was voted as a good addition by 62%. As I said, TV Ratings are up. Smiles all round for our investors and the Prez who owns 51% of the company, even if he has taken a back seat in the day to day running of the company he will be pleased with the results. 

The TV ratings rose a further 59% to a number of 1379 for the period of June and July 2019. Just think when Revolution took over earlier in the year our first released TV Ratings saw a number of just 539 for the Feb and March period. So you can see what a turnaround Revolution has done. There is no time scale on the return of Revolution but it has been confirmed that Davie will be in charge of the next two pay per views at least, and the shows that wrap around them.


Onto the wrester rankings. WOW! What an impact Johnny Blitz has made!! He made his debut at number five in the last set of rankings and this time he has climbed to the top spot!!! This shows what hard work can do for you here in the EIWF. In his short time here so far Johnny has come through the power plant, performed consistently on the Power Hour show, made his debut on our premier show Evolution and even made his pay per view debut. The results may not always be what he is hoping for but he bounces straight back and tries again. Number two is a disgruntled Regal. Regal has been a solid performer and is always highly ranked since the reunion. Suzie debuts at number three and I know that Davie has been impressed with her work. She brings something different to the EIWF and she was thrown straight in at the deep end in a feud with Big Poppa and Jeff Jarrett. The FTE champion L double E is at number four, the Legends champion is number six while the Genesis champion is at number nine. You can check out the official list here.


The merchandise sales are always of great interest to the roster, as they get 50% of all sales relating to there character. Suzie will be one happy lady, Her very popular 'Crimson Drippings' is on DVD and tops the charts. She also has items in seventh and eighth spot. The money will be flowing in! Also Johnny Blitz is in at number two with his 'Bolt from the Blue' t-shirt. There are some regular on the list such as items from Revolution, L double E and the CREW.

I have had a few people ask me regarding the FTE championship. This title is not recognized by the EIWF. It is the original EIWF World championship title belt, it was handed to L double E as a trophy for winning the reunion tournament Final Stand. L double E renamed it the FTE title, or the 'Fuck the EIWF' title. This was aimed at Revolution who looked to push younger talent, something the Anti Hero wasn't happy about. Now this is not official, but I have heard that Davie J is considering recognizing the title. He has been heard saying the EIWF needs another title....albeit a secondary title in his eyes to the Legends title belt. I feel these comments are a further dig at Ellis Black the Genesis champion. If you recall the two looked set to face off at a PPV, was expected to be the Gang Warfare one. But Davie demanded that Ellis drop the Genesis title as Davie saw it as beneath him, as he was expecting to win. Ellis refused this. This has lead to Davie to rename the title the 'Power Hour show' title and Davie will be looking to book Ellis exclusively on Power Hour. I don't agree with Davie's actions, but he's the current boss so what can we do? Appears to be working in L double E's favour though. I also heard from one of my sources that Davie is making noises about bringing Eddie back to the EIWF. I will believe that when I see it! He left on such bad terms with the Prez I would expect the Prez to intervene.

The Evolution show continues to be on tour with shows booked in Scotland next, followed by England and then onto Germany. The EIWF continues to have new wrestlers sign up and come through the doors at the power plant. But only a few make it to the next level.  Can you believe it's almost two years since we returned? Time sure does fly when your having fun! I was recently asked about anymore reunion shows, nothing confirmed but if there is another one, as the IWA show was a huge success....I would think it would be an ICW reunion. The former main competitor to the EIWF. Also two of its former world champions are still here in the EIWF, Revolution and Davie J. We will wait and see if that show happens or not.

Just to circle back to Gang Warfare, it also saw two very good title matches. The Legends title match between Davie J and Jeff Jarrett and the Genesis title match between Ellis Black and Kenrick Kross. If you haven't already seen the show I urge you to check it out now on the EIWF archive.

That's all for this edition of the Moss Report. Until next time, Ive been Tim Moss, thanks for watching.


previous Moss report June 2019

Hello everyone, I’m Tim Moss and this is the Moss Report!! We have lots to talk about but I want to start with the new direction the EIWF is taking under the leadership of Revolution. Back at the beginning of 2019 the Prez, the owner of the EIWF decided to step back from the day to day running of the company. One of his last acts was giving the go ahead for the IWA reunion show, which was a bit hostile but smart as he owns the rights and it was a big success. The EIWF reunion was complete, the original stars had their send off and had said their goodbyes. Something new was needed. So he turned to Revolution, a former EIWf star and multiple world champion. Revolution had contributed to the success of the EIWF reunions with podcasts and his RDD talk show segment on live shows. Due to injury he was not able to compete in the ring. When Revolution took over he decided to take the EIWF in a new direction, he looked to elevate new stars, he dropped the Havoc show and introduced Evolution in its place. He also put Davie J in charge of the power plant, a role Revolution had previously held. He also gave the go ahead for a second regular show called Power Hour which Davie J helps produce. Revolution was derided, ridiculed and dismissed by his peers. The TV ratings had dropped to an all time low. Many had speculated that Revolution would quit, there had been noises coming from Hogan’s camp that he wanted to take over. So what has happened? Revolution is still in the job, and the TV Ratings have gone up!! Although the success has been dismissed by Hogan and his camp, I believe Revolution should be praised for the courage of taking the EIWF in a new direction, and believing in what he's doing. Revolution knew some hardcore fans may not like the change to the product, but hes trying to attract new fans, and there are more of those then the current hardcore fans who watch the EIWF no matter what. I’m sure we have not heard the last of this war of words between Hogan and Revolution as each of them tries to take credit for the success, but I guarantee that Hogan never takes responsibility for any failure of the EIWF.


So we have had the debut of a new show, entitled ‘Power Hour’. The idea behind the show was to give new stars somewhere to shine, practice and get some experience before moving onto the main show Evolution. The other idea for the show was for it to be a filler between Evolution shows and Pay Per Views. Power Hour is a lite show, its short and for those in a hurry, its quick enough to view without taking up too much of your time. Personally I think it’s a welcome addition.


As you may have heard the Evolution show is on tour. Revolution decided to take the show abroad to where the fans are more ‘hungry’ for wrestling. The first show will be in Ireland with future shows in the UK, Germany, Russia and then onto the far East. The next PPV is entitled ‘Gang Warfare’, my understanding is this will be a War Games style type of match for the main event. No news yet on the participants.

Behind the scenes we have a couple of new talents signed to contracts. Johnny Blitz has been promoted from the Power Plant on the recommendation of Davie J. Also Suzie Spitz joins the EIWF as the first female athlete to be signed to the main roster. I have not heard of any news of the EIWF creating a women's title, but also I have been told that the EIWF is the extreme efed and all current titles are open to everyone….it was emphasised to EVERYONE. I guess the obvious thing to read from that is Suzie can challenge for ay of the titles that are already active.


So let's take a look at the TV ratings, as mentioned before they have risen. The ratings for April/May saw a 60% increase over the previous two month period. That's a positive and one we needed. Sure doubters out there looking for negatives will say the current rating of 864 views is less than half of the rating a year ago. I’m just happy we have seen an increase, it doesn't matter how you present it, people either side can pull out positives or negatives. To view the TV ratings yourself please click here.


The wrestler rankings are in, now I saw the results, and I decided to look back over the last few months. Regal is top, for the third set of rankings in a row. That means Regal has been the number one ranked wrestler for the last six months! The last person to be top of the rankings was Eddie D who parted on bad terms. In fact the EIWF owner said Eddie D would never work for him again, squashing any hope of a reunion with Davie J. Yes I’m aware the two worked together in the xWo since then but have parted ways again. Johnny Blitz debuts at number five, what an achievement that is! Many have been impressed with his promo’s and have high hopes for this young talent. To check out the rest of the rankings click here.


Hot on the heels of the wrestler rankings is the merchandise sales. Remember that the talent get a 50% cut of any sales, which is why the wrestlers seem so interested in what has been selling. For the time running the ‘The HERO and The MAESTRO connection t-shirt is top of the list. Number two is Hogan = Reddit Views. This came after Hogan cut a promo for his reddit fans and they flocked to the EIWF giving us record views for a single promo. But the merchandise sales or dominated by the Hero connection, either with Regal or Rage. With four of the top ten spots going to one of the ‘three’ from the Hero & Zero/Maestro connection. The former king of selling, Revolution is reduced to just one item in the top ten. This is probably due to his lack of screen time as he's been working hard with the Evolution tour.


The latest poll posed a good question. The EIWF classes itself as a casual fed, its not a massive roster, people come and go….but we have three single title belts. However only two are recognised by the EIWF, the Legends and Genesis title belts. The poll asked, which if the three single title belts is the most prestigious. Before I go into the results, let me put forward what the poll said about each title. The Legends title belt was handed to Davie J by the Prez. This in itself does devalue a title, as it wasn't won in a tournament. However the title has been defended against the biggest stars in the EIWF as part of the reunion, such as Hollywood Hogan, Badd Dogg, Kurt Angle, Ellis Black to name a few. So that does give it credibility, plus Davie J is the biggest star arguably that the EIWF has ever had. So that does help give it value. The Genesis title, this title was won by Ellis Black via a tournament. This means the deserved winner won the belt, it was handed to him. This gives the title credibility. However, Ellis has been accused of not defending it against the top top stars, which in the eyes of some devalued the title. It’s actual name is the Havoc championship belt, as it was the title belt for the Havoc shows. Thankfully its known as the Genesis title belt as if the Havoc belt it appears to make it a brand/show title only. Then you have the FTE title belt…...that stands for ‘Fuck the EIWF’. A title belt introduced by L double E. Now this is not officially recognised by the EIWF, awarded yourself a belt and proclaiming to be a champion doesn't have any worth at all, but the story behind this for L double E does give it some worth and credibility. L double E won the Final Stand tournament, he beat the last ever EIWF World champion Wishmaster. He beat the Legends champion Davie J, he beat Hollywood Hogan. In his eyes he beat the two title holders and he should be the champion, a recognition the EIWF would not endorse. So all three titles can be argued for and against having prestige…..the results? Voted by the fans…..according to the poll, the title belt seen as being most prestigious is the Legends title belt, with 50% of the vote. Second and surprisingly is the FTE title belt with 42% of the votes…..with the Genesis title coming in third with 8% of the votes. I can't say I agree with the results myself.


Well that wraps it up for the latest Moss report fans, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing.




previous Moss report April 2019

Hello everyone, I’m Tim Moss and this is…...the Moss Report!!


Let me apologise for the lateness of the Moss Report, with that said….let's get straight to it. Everyone has been talking about the decline in TV ratings…….some are using this as cause….justification to oust Revolution from his position of power already. Since Revolution has been in charge the TV ratings dropped 46% and in fact had dropped 40% for the two month period before that. Feb/March saw the lowest viewing figures for the EIWF since its return. Also the latest Poll asks if Revolution should be given more time or removed straight away. An overwhelming 70% voted to remove him now. On the surface this all looks very damning…...but there are other forces at work.


The ratings were declining before Revolution took charge, he is looking to stop the bleeding…..get some stability and then move forward. There have been rumors, and please let me stress these are simply rumors and I have had no confirmation that this is true. But, many believe that it is Hollywood Hogan who is behind trying to get Revolution removed from power. It has been made known that Hogan is not happy with the power shift within the company and he has publicly said he would run the company once Revolution is removed.


Personally I think too many changes does not help anyone or the company, we need to work together to achieve success. Revolution deserves more time to prove himself. He has started to make some changes and wants to look to the future not the past. He has introduced a new show called Evolution which has replaced Havoc. There is talk of him coming up with something for the trainees in the power plant also, but I dont have anymore details on that at this moment in time. I do know that with Revolution in charge the owner, the Prez has stepped away from the day to day running and creative side of things. Hes taking a well earned break.


At the time of writing the Resurrection PPV was about to be broadcast but I will cover that in the next edition of the Moss Report. Let's look at the wrestler rankings for Feb/March. The Fansite rankings are independent from the EIWF which I think helps to eliminate any accusations of favoritism. Number one, is Regal. He continues a quite remarkable last 12-18 months. The veteran continues to defy the odds as he is top of his game, even more so then his initial run  with the EIWF. Although he hasn’t won any gold in the last two years he has consistently performed very well. Second place is Big Poppa, this is an all time high ranking for Big Poppa. Number 3 is Jimmy Brandon from the new era icons. The EIWF rookie has done well since joining the EIWF last year and with a recent character change has shown how versatile he can be.


The merchandise sales are always interesting to look at as it shows what the fans are into. A spin off from the old Hero & Zero Connection has gone down very well as Regal and L double E look to be teaming up as the Hero & Maestro team and there t-shirt is the biggest selling for the two month period. Lets stay on the subject of L double E, he won the Final Stand PPV, has been walking around claiming to be the champion of various titles. But the fans are buying into this. He's also number two in the merch sales with his Anti-Hero 6:11 t-shirt and at number seven with his victorious t-shirt. There is a new entry at number three for Hollywood Hogan. It’s a t-shirt that reads Hogan = Reddit views. Now Hollywood Hogan recently set a new record when it came to promo views for the EIWF. The previous record was held by Wishmaster’s returning promo ‘Evil Never Dies’ which currently has 196 views. Second was Davie J’s promo ‘Back by popular demand’ with 178 views. Hollywood Hogan though cut two promos which put him first and second for the most views for an EIWF promo with his ‘Hollywood’s watching’ promo which smashed the previous record with 377 views. His other promo entitled ‘Message for the fans…’ has 221 views. These figures do strengthen Hollywood’s hand that he's the company’s biggest draw and Revolution is making a mistake by discarding him.


That's all for this edition of the Moss Report, see you fans on the next edition.



Previous Moss Report Feb 2019

Hello everyone, I'm Tim Moss and welcome to the Moss Report!!

Traditionally December and January are quiet months for the EIWF, we have almost an unofficial break, what with the Holidays and the future of the EIWF uncertain....but we have plenty to talk about. The biggest news is the IWA reunion show. The Internet Wrestling Alliance, a former competitor of the EIWF. Now I never worked there, I had the night off but I did watch the show....and I have to say.....I enjoyed it. Two time IWA World champion Scott Douglass won the main event when he beat the Undertaker and HHH. There was interference from Ellis Black, the Good Guys and our new Boss Revolution and the EIWF owner....the Prez.

As I mentioned Revolution is the new boss, he has been promoted to head of creative and tasked with aligning the EIWF with what today's audience wants. Basically out with the old and in with the new.....however that is easier said then done. Revolution has a big job on his hands but one I think he is capable of. He's focused, has a plan and will look to implement that as best he can. We all know about his pedigree, multiple World champion, lots of experience both in front of and behind the camera. He's produced shows before, has headed up the EIOWF training plant and transitioned into a very successful Podcaster. He has already started to make a few changes, the Havoc show has been replaced with a new show called Evolution, it will be still held at the Extreme Zone in Orlando but I have heard there are plans to take it on the road. Revolution has wasted no time in looking for new talent, he has reached out to a number of former stars who were under contract but since left the EIWF to see if they would be interested in returning, it's all positive to hear. Also our first PPV under Revolution will be entitled 'Resurrection'. As many see this as the re-birth of the EIWF the name is fitting.

In the last Moss report I spoke about the feud between Ellis 'ShowTime' Black and Kendrick Kross, well that appears to have been just a popcorn fart. Nothing has come of it, despite the segment on the 'Holiday Havoc' show. I think these two ego maniacs should take a look at themselves in the mirror. They have surely missed a chance at something big. I think that shows perhaps the lack experience of the two. Some have pointed out that this wasn't in the fans interest though as there was no spike in viewing figures on the EIWF Network. That said, lets take a closer look at them....and now that we have over a years of statistics we can compare where we are now to a year ago.

Now there was a big drop in views, but there wasn't the worried faces that we had when this happened earlier in the year. This is because it was expected as mentioned earlier, December and January are typically quiet months. The number of members dropped from the previous released TV Ratings for Oct/Nov from 495 to 386, that's a drop of 22%. But worse was the actual viewership. That dropped from 1682 to 997...a massive drop of 40%....the biggest drop we have had in one go. So as I said, the Ellis/Kendrick thing didn't make an impact. Lets compare those views with where we was a year a go, we had just had the Doomsday Reunion special. The figures are still up from then when we had 226 members and 881 views. What makes these statistics so important is it gives us a platform to measure how well Revolution does. The figures will be looked at from now and moving forward to see what impact he has on the company. 

The wrestler rankings, well congratulations to Regal. He's ranked number one and it shows what a fine year he had after winning the most improved wrestler of the year award. Davie J is number two and there is a debut spot for Kendrick six. There were big drops for Eddie D and Hollywood Hogan. Check out the wrestler rankings here. As for the merchandise sales, off the back of his victory at the Final Stand PPV L double E's '6:11' t-shirt is ranked number two after falling from top spot. As for top spot? Well, I'm sure you can guess who it is. The king of merchandise Revolution has done it again! Now with his documentary DVD 'My Time'. He sure has been a busy man, he's even done another interview on his podcast, this time with Ellis Black. Check it out here. Also a new entry on the list at number four is an IWA logo t-shirt. The IWA show has been such a huge success and was a real boost to the viewership on the Network. Another new entry was the L double E t-shirt with 'victorious' on it. The Anti Hero sure is proving popular with the fans, if not with the booking committee.

Now I mentioned there was a big drop in the rankings for Eddie D, as you will know has left the EIWF. He made an appearance on the IWA show and it appears he and Davie have mended some bridges after a difficult year between them. Eddie has moved onto another fed and we wish him all the best, although I don't think the Prez will say that. He has been very critical of Eddie and the way he left. The Prez has also said that Eddie D will never work for him again, seems a tough stance to be making as Eddie has been with the EIWF for twenty years.

As for old shows on the archive section of the Network, I can confirm....if you know where to look there are three IWA shows available, highlights from three of there original PPV's from 2002. I have been told once the tapes are cleaned up a little it will be announced and linked officially. I was asked if there would be any other reunion shows...……..well I've heard nothing officially, nothing has been confirmed. But I can tell you that there was positive vibes from the EWA Prez and the ICW Prez. But this doesn't mean it will happen, but means it could happen. 

I mentioned earlier about the Fansite awards, congratulations to all the winners, you can check out the full results here. In a pick of the results, the first Fansite awards since 2004? or was it 2003?? Eddie D was named wrestler of the year, how ironic that his best ever year in the EIWF and he quits! Ellis Black was the clear winner for the Rookie of the Year award. Following on from Ellis was Suicide & Jimmy Brandon to show how good the New Era Icons have been when they won the tag team of the year.


Thank you to everyone who voted in the awards, we are out of time and from your commentator of the year....Tim Moss....I say...goodnight!

Previous Moss Report Dec 2018

Hello everyone, I'm Tim Moss and welcome to the Moss Report!!

Apologies if I seem a little distracted but I'm watching what is unfolding with Ellis 'Showtime' Black and his open challenge to the wrestling world. If you haven't yet heard the Genesis champion has invited himself to defend his EIWF title at the IWA reunion show.....against anyone from the world of wrestling! He has called out various competitors such as the EIWF's own Davie J, Kendrick Kross from the XWO, Dylan Viper and the Iconic Prince from the XHF! The whole roster of the women's fed WWA and dismissed Damian Faith as not being good enough. I know the EIWF Prez has condemned the words of Ellis Black and warned him about his future conduct and the Prez is getting complaints from other feds and having to apologise for the outburst. A source of mine in the locker room told me that Ellis is frustrated with a lack of competition in the EIWF and was far from happy with the Final Stand show and felt he should of had a bigger part......I'm sure there will be more on this....

In the last Moss Report I spoke about the EIWF ending after the Final Stand PPV, the Prez is still maintaining this line, there is also a POLL up asking for you to vote on the future of the EIWF as an EFED. Currently its close but the leading vote is for the EIWF to close down and remain as an archive site. Ultimately it is down to the Prez, he wants to focus on the archive part of the site but will anyone take over the shows?

So since the last report we have had the second night of Final Stand. Well go back to the beginning, did anyone expect L double E to win? I didn't, I expected it to be Hollywood Hogan or Davie J! I must congratulate L double E, he was a long time loyal servant of the EIWF and it is just reward for him. In all the reunion took eleven months! We had four pay per views and seven Havoc shows, not bad at all seeing as it was originally planned as a one off show. Now I'm not saying that the EIWF wont continue, perhaps after a little break the Prez may decide to carry on, I hope so for my bank balance's sake! So lets take a look at the TV viewing figures, we had the second night of Final Stand, a very controversial episode of Havoc entitled Hollywood Havoc and booked by the CREW. Well...…..the smiles were back people, the ratings have increased after four months of decline. Members increased from 465 to 495 which is a 6% increase and while views have increased 30% from 1294 to 1682. This means the period between October and November 2018 was the EIWF Network's second highest rated period since returning in 2017. Now this is expected to fall as the reunion has finished. But new old content is being added....if that makes sense...

So what about the wrestler rankings? Well since we returned only one wrestler has ever been the top ranked wrestler more then once, and that was Wishmaster at the beginning of 2018. The top two spots have raised eyebrows as its the highest the wrestlers have ever been ranked. Often the bride rather then the groom and in the shadow of Hogan and Davie....but Eddie D is the top ranked wrestler for the period of October and November. His feud with Suicide saw them both raise the bar, plus Eddie played a big role on the second night of the Final Stand. In second place is Regal, he has impressed a lot of people this year and has greatly improved, he's been feuding with Ellis Black recently which has put him in the spotlight. The previous number one Suicide has fallen down to seventh. You can check out the rest of the wrestler rankings here.

Another measure of a wrestlers popularity or how over they are is the merchandise sales. Off the back of the Final Stand pay per view and the promo he cut on Hollywood Hogan we have a new item straight in at number one. The Anti Hero L double E has a t-shirt in the top spot referencing his comment after his victory. You cant ever count out the very popular Revolution when it comes to merchandise sales. He may no longer be able to wrestle but the fans still love him. His Forevolution t shirt continues to sell well and is number two. Ellis Black also has a new 'undefeated' hoodie in the list, probably best to grab that while you can folks because he's got a target on his back so the streak may end soon. 

I've had some fans ask me about the EX3, which consisted of Davie J, Badd Dogg, Revolution and Kurt Angle. I'm not sure if the group will continue, we have seen Badd Dogg leave, Davie J has done nothing to instill trust in him for the others with his recent actions. Revolution cant wrestle but many believe he is the key to be able to keep the EX3 going. The group was founded to stop the CREW screwing over new talent. But.....the new talent appear to have had enough of any of the older stars.

So there have been a number of updates to the site. Over on the archive section EIWF's Stay True 1999 and No Guts No Glory have been made available. There is also a match with Revolution versus Y2J from the WWO if you click the WWO section. Also the Fansite editor has agreed to add the BCWF to the archive site. Now the BCWF was not a part of the fansite  in its original run but a number of future stars were, the information on the fed was provided and its currently being added, in a limited format I have been advised. Most of its information will be on one or two pages, its title history will not be added to the main page of title histories. Volume 2 of EIWF the music has also been added to the fansite, the entrance themes are from the summer of 2000. Over on the boards there is a new 'classic promo' by Super Fire Jr added which is from 2002. Also there are wrestler rankings for the EWA and IWA from 2002.


Well that's it for this month fans, see you at the next Moss Report. 



Previous Moss Report Oct 2018

Hello everyone, I’m Tim Moss and this is…...the Moss Report!!


Well it has been confirmed by the Prez that the second part of the EIWF’s Final Stand will be in October. However more worrying is he has expressed that this is the end of the EIWF. I hope it’s not, we recently added a Genesis Champion and Genesis Tag Team champions, even with some new stars on the roster the Prez is maintaining that this show marks the end of the EIWF’s reunion and after the show he will pull the plug. Is it a work? I don't know….I hope so. I feel we have only just started to get going and the potential is unlimited. I have heard from close sources that the Prez wants to concentrate on the archive part and clean up some of the old shows to broadcast and feels he can’t do that while also running the EIWF.


I've also heard that there is some frustration where the Prez has planned out the major angles but the people involved or no longer available. Also the lack of people offering to help and some backstage politics have really not sat well with the Prez.


The wrestler rankings are in, it sees a deserved return to form for Suicide who takes the top spot. You can't argue with it, the last two months he has been consistently very good. Davie J who was number one previously has dropped to number six. The new Genesis champion? Ellis Black has risen to number three. There are also rises for Eddie D and Regal but four of the previous top ten have fallen out of the rankings all together. Check them out on the fansite for a full list. Of course along with the wrestler rankings are the merchandise sales. There is no disputing the king of merchandise sales, its Revolution. While he may not be number one he has a hand in the top spot. The New era Icons t-shirt worn by Ellis Black has gone in at the top spot. There is a debut for an Eddie D action figure and a replica of a replica wrestling belt should I say? The original EIWF World title has a plastic toy belt version which is selling well after some recent coverage on the tv shows.


So….the TV ratings are in. Now last time there was some big concerns and the numbers have fallen again! The number of memberships for the EIWF Network has fallen from 477 to 467. Now thats not too bad, the drop is less then it was last time I did a Moss report.The views have still dropped off by 22%. I know the Prez is looking at ways to curb this. Perhaps the initial retro appeal has worn off? Even some of the roster have left. If I can try and put a positive spin on it, out of the five bi monthly measurements we have done, the latest figures sit third out of the five


Now I mentioned earlier about talent leaving. The one I always get asked about is Wishmaster. He was absolutely flying since the reunion started, but then...nothing. I know the Prez has tried to reach out to him, I don't know if its an injury or difference of opinions over angles or character direction. It appears Kenny Omega may have wrestled his last match for the EIWF. A recent non fulfillment meant a release clause was triggered in his contract if the Prez wished to exercise it. It appears that is the case.


I've been informed by sources that October should be a busy month for the EIWF. I have been led to believe we will see two Havoc shows and the second night of the EIWF’s Final Stand PPV.


The latest Fansite poll asked ‘In the EIWF's original run, who was it's biggest star?’ (not best roleplayer but perceived to be biggest superstar). Now I’m not surprised as such as who won the vote….but how the votes were placed. The options to choose from was Hollywood Hogan, Badd Dogg, Davie J, Wishmaster and Super Fire Jr. Five of the biggest names ever in the history of the EIWF. I think Kurt Angle was unlucky not to have been included in the list. Every single vote cast was for Davie J! I’m surprised no one else got a vote. A 100% clean sweep.


You may have seen the announcement that the Fansite end of the year awards are returning. For those who dont know the history, the Fansite was originally called ‘the wrestling fans fansite’ and was an accompanying site to the EIWF and its competitors. It would release rankings for each of the feds under its banner and rate the feds by releasing TV ratings as the feds competed. At the end of the year we would have awards where the feds and wrestlers would compete for awards such as fed of the year, wrestler of the year, angle of the year and so on. It means at the end of 2018 we'll look back at the EIWF’s reunion and be presenting awards once again.


The EIWF crowned its first ever Genesis Champion when Ellis Black won the title. The leader of the New era Icons is also undefeated since his debut in the EIWF. We also have our first ever Genesis tag team champions, but some old faces remain as Eddie D and Big Poppa won the belts when the defeated Jimmy Brandon and Kenny Omega. Big Poppa and Eddie are probably the most decorated EIWF tag team champions in our history, along with Davie J.

Previous Moss Report Aug 2018

Hello wrestling fans and welcome to the Moss Report!!!!

It has been busy busy busy behind the scenes and we have plenty to talk about. We had the first night of the Final Stand PPV. We have had a deal with Fight 2 Survive fall through, Davie J has seen the errors of his ways, the masked attacker has been up to his tricks again, Suicide has returned.....Wishmaster has left and we have crowned our first ever Genesis champion as the EIWF finally gets some new fresh talent who look like they will stick around.

Eight finally become four in the tournament which has dominated the EIWF reunion. The Final Stand PPV saw a new Davie J versus Super Fire Jr in a classic match. Davie J got the win but there was interference from Hollywood Hogan. Davie and Hogan are still going along with there not getting on, is anyone buying it? The other 'Good Guy' was eliminated Badd Dogg. A match full of talking points, Davie J was there watching Badd Doggs back as Big Poppa was in Eddie D's corner. But the masked attacker made an appearance, supposedly showing that its not Badd Dogg or Eddie D as each other had claimed. The third match saw a shock result as L double E beat Wishmaster in controversial circumstances. The match had a special stipulation that if anyone interered from the CREW then L double E would get the win. Tormentor was in the corner of Wishmaster, but he was focused on Davie J sitting in the front row. The CREW took out Wishmaster but because of the stipulation the Anti-Hero was the winner. The main event saw the Olympic hero face Hollywood Hogan.......well......Hulk Hogan! Hogan wore the red and yellow to steal Kurt's thunder. The returning Rodzilla of the CREW hit the ring and took out Kurt for Hogan to get the win. Hogan pretending he had turned good guy....briefly as he wore the red and yellow but he united with Big Poppa , Eddie D and Rodzilla at the end of the show.

For those who don't know, Rodzilla is the original owner and the creator of the EIWF. Known as 'Prez Rod' before handing over control.

With those results it means that the final four shape up with Hollywood Hogan versus Badd Dogg and Davie J versus L double E. I have to say we were teased a potential dream match in the Final Stand PPV.....no disrespect to L double E but if Wishmaster had won we would have seen for the first ever time Wishmaster versus Davie J and the Prez had agreed to recognize the former EIWF World title again to unify with the current top belt....the Legends title that Davie J holds. Maybe one day we will get that match, but for now Wishmaster has taken a leave of absence. I cant go into details but we all hope he returns one day.

Talking of belts....we have a new Havoc champion. More commonly known as the Genesis championship belt. On the last episode of Havoc Ellis Black defeated Jimmy Brandon in the final to win the strap. However despite the new stars main eventing a lot of talk will be on the more established stars with Hogan, Eddie D and Big Poppa causing issues on the show all night. Revolution is backing the new blood and Karnage was also on the show talking about his previous experiences against the CREW and the show ended with him fighting with the CREW. Revolution appears to have been given a directive from the Prez regarding pushing the new stars and has booked Jimmy Brandon and Kenny Omega who both had there matches interfered by the CREW intot he final for the Genesis tag team titles and has challenged the CREW to face them.

Lets look at some figures. The TV ratings are in and there are a some worried looks. There was a 24 percent drop in viewership compared to the previous two months. The Prez has played down this and pointed out that that period is still the second highest rated figures since the EIWF returned. The real test will be the next set of ratings, see if the EIWF has stopped the bleed or if it continued.

As for merchandise sales. Its again Revolution. He holds the top two spots with his t-shirts. Jimmy Brandon has come in at number 3, what a great debut that is with his 'Dream Big' t-shirt. Kenny Omega and Ellis Black both make the list, make sure you check out the merchandise sales on the Fansite for full listings. The wrestler rankings are in. The ICON Davie J took top spot with Tormentor in second. This is interesting as the EIWF does not recognize Tormentor as an employee but the Fansite is independent and they feel his contribution warrants recognition. Kenny Omega is number five and Ellis Black is number ten. It will be interesting to see the next set of rankings. Check out the Fansite for the complete top 10 list.

As mentioned at the top, the deal with Fight 2 Survive has fallen through. The plan was to have a bi weekly show on there network with the show called Fubar and the next show would be Havoc and so on. The EIWF Prez was hoping this would allow more time to work on the archive section of the EIWF. For now we are back to how we was. It appears the EIWF will continue, there was talks of the EIWF closing, although no official confirmation has been given by the Prez. We know for sure we have the second part of the Final Stand PPV and another Havoc being planned.

Suicide has been cleared to wrestle again and we welcome him back. Hes a big name in the EIWF and was viciously attacked by a masked man which cost him his place in the tournament. Talking of the masked man, we still don't know who it is. We know it is someone within the EIWF, but we now know its not Eddie D, Badd Dogg, Davie J or Tormentor as they were all in the ring when he made an appearance.

Make sure you check out the new music section on the fansite. Volume 1 of  EIWF the music is now available to stream. relive the classic entrance themes from 1999 and early 2000!




Previous Moss Report (June 2018)

Hello wrestling fans and welcome to the Moss Report!!!!


Since the last Moss Report we have seen the debut of Havoc. A semi regular show for the EIWF, its aimed at new talent and a chance for the veterans to get rid of any ring rust. We are told that the Havoc deal is a short term deal until the Final Stand PPV. The Final Stand PPV I believe will be near the end of June so we should get another two or possibly three Havoc shows in before then. What happens after that no one knows for sure. But I do know that the Prez has been working hard behind the scenes to try and secure a long term deal for Havoc with multiple networks.


A lot of recent talk has been about the new talent in the EIWF, and the talk has both been good and bad. Richard Dweck, Seth and Fethdar all trained at the EIWF power plant and it looked promising, Richard won the main event on the debut Havoc show when he beat Big Poppa. Now the not so good, it appears the two guys have lost focus and may have left the company. It’s frustrating to see but everyone knows how difficult it is to make it in the EIWF. Staying on the subject of the Power Plant, I know Revolution has been involved with looking at future talent and has even been mentoring some of the trainees. He’s currently away on a dual role, part business and part personal. He is traveling the world looking for future stars who maybe could make it in the EIWF. But I also know he had a planned trip abroad to see doctors regarding his injury. He has been told time and time again that if he wrestled again he may not walk if he took another injury. He's looking for a second…third…hell 8th opinion for someone who can help him get back in the ring. Personally I don't think he will get clearance but sometimes the hunger to wrestle that one last match just won't go away. His RDD show has been a big hit and on the second show of Havoc his segment when he interviewed Tormentor was the highest rated part of the show. We all know about his award winning Podcast, you can also keep up to date with him @eiwfrevoluton


Let's look at the wrestler rankings and merchandise sales. Well Wishmaster was finally knocked off of top spot in the wrestler rankings, and ironically by his opponent at Final Stand….L double E! There has also been a big rise for the Game……...sorry….the ‘Enforcer’ Eddie D who is now third. There have been drops by two of the big names in Davie J and Hollywood Hogan. Check out the Fansite for the rest of the rankings. Staying on rankings for wrestlers, the merchandise sales. Now the guys all like to know whats happening here because they take 50% of the sales figure for merchandise relating to them. Well…….the top two spots have been taken by a non wrestler! Well former wrestler...Revolution is proving a big hit with the fans with his ‘Then, Now...Forevolution t0shirt the current top seller. There are also debuts on the top ten list for Richard Dweck and Fethdar, but I won't give too much away. Go check out the who listing at the Fansite.


Well I can tell you, there are big smiles backstage and all around at EIWF HQ. Yep…..the TV Ratings have been released! The EIWF Network had 639 members for the months of April and May with a total 2012 views!!! Thats a 124% increase on members and a 128% increase on views. I don’t know if the EIWF will keep the momentum going with such high numbers, but for now…everyone is pleased. Hopefully the Prez is not looking to sell to AOL.


The Poll for May was a resounding YES! For the EIWF to continue past the reunion shows, it doesn't mean we will but if there is demand and support then maybe we can get a deal to keep the ship sailing a little longer. The current poll asks about Havoc, let us know what you think of the new show. Now as mentioned earlier, the RDD show was the highest rated part of Havoc. Ive been asked questions about Tormentor, is he under contract as he has not cut any promo's. I cant tell you officially, as no one has confirmed this to me.  It seems Kurt Angle has slowly but surely been becoming more active, it's great to see one of the original superstars back in the EIWF.

I have to give some praise...reluctantly to Jeff Jarrett. he has done a fine job with producing the Havoc show and he set out and achieved to make Havoc feel different from the reunion shows done so far. My old rival Joey Carlton is also back, he runs play by play on the Havoc shows. For those not familiar with Joey, he was the lead announcer for our former rival the ICW. So he may talk up former ICW stars  more than your use to hearing. Once again please sign up for our news letters, you wont receive any more then three a month. If you have any issues with things not working on the EIWF Network please let us know. For now though, Im outta time...




Previous Moss Report (April 2018)

Hello wrestling fans and welcome to the Moss Report!!!!

We are now two shows in to our EIWF reunion one show to go. I cant believe how much has happened over Doomsday and Redemption so far. The two biggest news points since Redemption which everyone is talking about is the arrival of Tormentor and the break up of the CREW. Tormentor was a co-leader of The Corporation, won the EPW World Heavyweight Championship and held the EPW Tag Team Titles. He then moved to the PWWF where he won the Hardcore title, and become the number one contender for the world title before leaving. He then moved to the EWA were he feuded with Davie J. Tormentor won the EWA world title beating Davie J at the company's first PPV for the vacant title. They had a very heated feud and Tormentor injured Davie J which saw Davie retire from wrestling in the mid 2000's. It appears Tormentor has come back for unfinished business after he attacked Davie J during Wishmaster's match against Big Poppa.

The other talking point is the break up of the CREW. At Doomsday Hollywood Hogan and Davie J had a big falling out, orchestrated it seems by the Prez. I have heard rumors on the internet though that some feel that Hogan and Davie may be trying to swerve everyone again. It doesn't seem that way but when did it with these two playing backstage politics! You just never know what they have in mind or are up too.

I have heard from sources that Hollywood Hogan was not happy with the break up of the CREW and made this known to management. There is also rumor and innuendo that Hogan and Davie are playing everyone here and that the whole reason for this is Wishmaster. There is no doubt in my mind that Wishmaster has been the top guy since the reunion started and I would put him as firm favorite to win the tournament at Final Stand. Hogan and Davie have a history of burying guys to keep themselves in the top spot. But as I said, this is rumor and innuendo, I don't know for sure and this is just what i have heard, I wasn't there.....but rumor and innuendo has it that Hogan and Davie felt that Wishmaster was not worthy to be placed in a spot with them, so they created this angle to work with each other and push Wishmaster to the side. I cant confirm this is true, but there have been grumblings backstage.

On a more positive note a couple of potential stars have been promoted from the EIWF power plant. We hope that Rich and Seth have a long and successful career with the company.

So the latest wrestler rankings have been published on the Fansite. Congratulations to Wishmaster who holds the top spot once again. Davie J has risen to number 2. The biggest mover is Big Poppa who rose from 8th to 3rd. The return of Revolution has seen him go straight into number 6, impressive! He's not currently an in ring performer but has cut some great interviews and promo's. Hell look at his merchandise sales! The 'crap pappy' t-shirt is the 4th biggest seller! Talking of merchandise sales I have to say I'm surprised, even a little shocked that the 'CREW logo' t-shirt has been knocked off of top spot in the merch sales. Throughout the years it has always been a strong seller, even when they were not active. But the top spot has been taken by the 'The Prez loves a screw job' t-shirt, and boy does he! I'm sure there are a few more twists and turns to come before we are done. The highest new entry on the merch sales at number 3 is the 'Superkick Party' t-shirt relating to Davie J's comments at Redemption.

The viewing figures for the EIWF Network have been good and everyone concerned is happy. Over the months of March and April the network had 883,000 streams from 285,000 members. That is up from the viewership between Dec and Jan which was 881,000 streams from 226,000 members. So ratings are up! No expectation was set for members and views and it's a bit early to compare statistics at this time.

As mentioned in the last Moss Report, there is an archive section for the Network which has now gone live and has the EIWF PPV Stay true 1999 added. The show is almost 19 years old, it has the debut of Hulk Hogan and man...........does it look dated! But history is history and at the time it was cutting edge! More shows will be added but I must remind you that the archive section is currently not a priority while the reunion shows are in full flow. they will be updated 'as and when'.

Also make sure you add us to your contacts list to ensure you get the latest news about the EIWF Network and any shows. Check your junk folders, don't miss out and don't miss the chance to claim your spot. Once or twice a month there is digital news letter giving you an update of the latest EIWF Network shows and updates.

We are aware of the current technical issues on the home page of the Network and are working on getting it corrected. (image sizing issues)

I want to give a shout out to Revolutions podcast, it has won numerous awards and since his return to the EIWF I believe its rated the number 1 sports entertainment podcast out there today. Make sure you check it out as Revolution and Crazy Ate give their thoughts on the current happenings in wrestling.

The Redemption show feedback has been great, make sure you cast your vote in the poll, let us know what you thought of the show.

There is also work going on in the Fansite section, we are looking back and going to release (at some point) the results for the end of the year awards from when the Fansite was running, 2002 and 2003. I will have more on that in the next Moss Report. But for now we are out of time


Previous Moss Report (Feb 2018)

It's been a long time but...........................Hello wrestling fans and welcome to the Moss Report!!!!

I've waited a long time to say that again I can tell you. Lots to get through and talk about, so who would have thought that the EIWF would return??? 15 years since it closed it's doors and finished with a popcorn fart, the original number 1 extreme efed is back. As I mentioned when the EIWF closed it was without fanfare, just a slow and quiet death. This reunion is to give the fed the send off it should have had back all those years ago.

So this whole reunion thing, I believe it started back last year when the Prez started watching old episodes on the WWE Network. It got him thinking, about doing 'one more show'. However the idea had been floated about before, there had been a couple of failed attempts to get the EIWF up and running again. I recall one was referred to as EIWF V3 (version 3) which is the banner with Raven sitting on the ring floor. There is one of Hogan which is mainly white, I'm not sure when that's from. However the most important thing is we came back!!

Now that 'one more show' turned into two shows once the writing team got together and started to plan it. Then it was realized that two shows wouldn't be enough. I'm not complaining, I think it's great to be back. So the new website has been created, it's far from finished but is slowly having stuff added to it. Now I will give you a little bit of insight news here, there is actually another website that links to this one where the old archive shows are being kept. It is not live yet but should be soon. Now I know previously a PPV and Doomsday were up from years back, they have come down and the first PPV that will be on the sister site but linked to us will be Stay True 1999!!!! Nineteen damn years people!

Now lets get back to 2018! So Doomsday has returned and WOW! What a show. I, like most fans would be more surprised if the Prez had a show or PPV that was clean with no screw jobs. However, you may expect a screw job your still waiting to see what it is. Most of the top stars from the EIWF's glory days are back, we have Hollywood Hogan, Davie J, Wishmaster, Suicide, Kurt Angle, Eddie D, Jeff Jarrett, Regal, L double E and Big Poppa. They have all been seen at the EIWF arena cutting promo's. Honestly I'm surprised we have been able to get so many of the top stars back! However for every star that has returned there are stars that have not made it to the EIWF arena to cut a promo. The two everyone thinks of first is Bad Dogg and SFJ, plus there is Scott Douglass, Darklight, Metyl, Revolution, Joe Green, Blackwolf, Slash............the list goes on.

At Doomsday we saw some great matches and as usual the CREW were playing dirty, but the fans seemed to be enjoying it! The main event was a classic, Suicide was the winner after last eliminating Eddie D. Wishmaster and Davie J were involved before we saw the return of Bad Dogg to a massive ovation from the fans in attendance. Suicide advances to the knockout stages of the Final Stand PPV which start at Redemption. So the line up for Redemption will be Suicide vs Joe Green, Kurt Angle vs Metyl, L double E vs Jeff Jarrett and Super Fire Jr vs  Scott Douglass. I'm sure there will be more twists and turns at Redemption.

Now I have been asked about the little bit of the power struggle between the CREW and the Prez. Ive been asked if its a work or a shoot. The honest answer is......................I'm not sure. I know the Prez is his own man, but you do get power in numbers and the CREW like to be slapdicks at times.

Lets talk about the wrestler rankings and merchandise sales, a feature that was popular with the fansite before is back. So the rankings are for two months rather than the original format of one month. The top wrestler for the months of December and January was Wishmaster. I think this is well deserved, he cut some very good promo's of good length and at around the right time. Second is Hogan who while has been regular but perhaps not quite of length we would expect from the hall of famer. Suicide is 7th and Kurth Angle is 9th. These two both cut excellent promo's, but only the one each which is why they are not higher up.

Then we have the merchandise sales, wrestlers take a keen interest in these as they receive 25% of all sales relating to there character. The top seller was the original CREW logo t-shirt, not the one they have been using recently. Evil Intentions 2000 on blu ray is third, probably the biggest EIWF PPV in history due to the build up to it and the finish! 7th on the list is our only wrestling figure set to make the list, its a Legend Series Hasbro deluxe pack of Bad Dogg and Hollywood Hogan. 8th is all three volumes of the EIWF album featuring entrance themes, I have heard that this may be made available directly from the EIWF Network!!

Thank you to everyone who has voted for the EIWF on the efeds top sites listings. We have risen to 22nd in the listings in our short time back. Talking of voting, the EIWF has a poll up asking what you thought of the return show Doomsday. It appears the fans are happy, with 80% voting the show excellent and 20% very good.

So that about wraps it up sports fans, make sure you tell anyone interested about the return of the EIWF. Get them involved via the EIWF power plant and maybe we will see them in an EIWF ring!

So the EIWF is back, we don't know how long for but the EIWF Network is here to stay and will slowly have content added, so take a look around, take yourself back to the attitude era with the number 1 extreme efed.

classic Moss Report from 2002 click here

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