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If you would like help and support on where to get started with internet wrestling roleplay as a casual hobby here are some pointers to help you get started.

Take a look at the roleplay board and you will see the regular stars of the federation verbally assaulting each other’s characters and commenting on the latest results from the latest events.  These can be set out as adverts or commercials seen on our EIWF TV channel, they can be in the tone of a podcast, in the style of a backstage scenario being played out, a standard straight to camera promo (promotional video), but let your imagination run wild and get your message across however you choose. Just remember that the theme is an indie (independent) wrestling federation resurrected from a popular past.

All the wrestlers set out their stall on what they would like to happen next, all set in the character they have defined over time.

1.       Character Creation

For picking a character to represent you as you type out promos you can pick a popular real world wrestling star or make up a wrestler entirely of your own making.

Picking a real star gives you the bonus of easily finding pictures to represent you in your roleplays and for the Prez to use when typing up the events. You do carry the baggage of that characters real wrestling career history potentially and might find that the soundbites and catchphrases of your chosen star are too limiting for you.

You can invent a character all of your own but still use a real wrestler’s (actor’s, spartsman’s celebrities’) photo if that makes life easier for you and the role players we’ve always worked with have always given people the artistic licence to do this without comment or concern.

Making your own character can be fun and we would suggest that you contact the Prez (eiwf@outlook.com) and e-mail him some details to establish your character and help the people writing the events know the character’s motives and style of wrestler he is.

The details we’re looking for initially are:

Wrestler’s name – Picking a good solid name can really help set out the way readers expect you to behave and think before you’ve typed a single line on a roleplay. (If you call yourself ‘Ragnar’ we’re probably not expecting you to be a tiny luchador high flyer.)


Entrance Music – The title of the music and who plays it (because different covers and versions can change the impact of the music)


Finisher moves – If you have more than one finisher let us know. If you have a rare move, try to find its popular name for us to refer to, or share a youtube video of it being executed so the writers know how and when to best use it in the flow of a match.


Face/Heel - a face (fan favorite / good guy), a heel (bad guy / rule breaker) or a more modern mix of the two (anti-establishment rule breaker the fans love).


Photos - if you have any photos in mind to represent you in your promos you don’t have to send them, but links or the name of the person you are going to look like would really help.


Brief back story – You can write a short piece explaining why your wrestler is plying his trade in the EIWF and what his underlying motives might be, unless you would prefer to lay this down in your opening roleplays.

2.       Role plays - content

There are no set confinements on how often you can roleplay or how often you have to roleplay, but obviously a pattern of regular interaction with the federation proves your enjoyment, interest and commitment. Regular participation, being able to adapt with original roleplays to the events and the results that come your character’s way, will encourage the writers to give you shots at titles and involve your characters in the best story arcs that they have planned. There is no guarantee that posting every day and writing pages of dialogue will win you a belt, but it would be foolish to ignore someone who roleplays well and often if we want you to keep up that commitment and stay involved. Look at the current roster of wrestlers and what they write and how often they post and you’ll see that the champions don’t spam the board with long promos. It’s more showing quality and staying true to your character that keeps the writers engaged with your efforts and using that character on the show.

Advice – Set a your character a short term and long term goal (fighting an individual that you just don’t like, aiming for a certain title etc.) then try to encourage an opponent to accept your challenge or lay down a message of intent and defy anyone to contradict you. Watch the message board for comments about you or a direct reply to your post. Watch the next show and see what the Prez made of your promo and any responses you had. See if you ended up in a match and what the outcome was before you post again.

Never roleplaying makes it hard warrant giving you “airtime” on the show.

The Extreme Internet Wrestling Federation has had some bloody encounters over the years, but we don’t actually model ourselves on the ECW or ‘hard core style only’ wrestling in that sense at all. With that in mind we don’t expect people to feel the need to roleplay with adult language and controversial comments and attitudes if that wasn’t naturally going to be part of your character’s vocabulary. Ordinarily the federation won’t censor foul language in your posts and we appreciate that some heels will be given a lot of leeway in the way they upset a crowd or aim abuse at other characters. None of what we say here is personal, because we’re all in character when we post. That said we expect people to realize that a basic level respect is in order. We’re all here for free on our leisure time. If we wanted to be trolled and abused for who we really are as a person we would open a Twitter account.

3.       Roleplays – The nuts and bolts

If the roleplay board functions (like posting pictures, using the board on your mobile or changing fonts colours etc.) are a barrier to enjoying the hobby please e-mail the Prez and we’ll be glad to support in any way we can.

Don’t let poor spelling or grammar be a barrier to entry. Everyone seems to have been very forgiving of each other’s minor mistakes. You can always check your work in a word document for support with those red and green squiggly lines of doom to help set you straight before submitting your efforts. Don’t forget that your character is likely to be hard man or sportsman of some kind that could have a heavy accent or use slang and bad grammar as part of their persona and you are writing as that individual. Unless your character prides himself on good grammar and diction I doubt our fan base here are going to worry about it.

I hope these few ideas make it easier for you to get started in the EIWF as a roleplaying part of the roster. This is the best internet wrestling roleplay webpage on the internet and if you give it a try I think you’ll look forward to reading each twist in the fortunes of the stars, as we all eagerly have these many years. Thank you and I hope you post soon.

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